currently watching : Parks and Recreation s6 / Game of Thrones s4 shows i'm into : Doctor House / Skins / My mad fat diary / Teen Wolf / Game of Thrones / New Girl / Parks and Recreation / American Horror Story currently obsessing over : Adam Scott / Parks and Recreation / Leonardo DiCaprio not wining an oscar / Koalas being the cutest animals on earth / Tom Hiddleston saying sorry / The kitten of my life / I KNOW HOW TO MAKE GIF OMFG things you should know : I've sold my soul to marry Leonardo DiCaprio / I grew up in Hogwart / Sky Ferreira is my princess I'll worship her till my death / Blake Lively is probably my soulmate too / I'm married to James Franco's arms / Candies are possibly the best things after kittens
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« she's in the middle yet she's outside »
« I should go now quietly
For my bones have found a place
to lie down and sleep
Where all my layers can become reeds
All my limbs can become trees
All my children can become me
What at mess I leave
To follow, to follow, to follow, to follow...

In the darkness I will meet my creators
They will all agree, that I’m a suffocator. »
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Posted on 15 February 2013, at 11.41pm with 16 notes